My name is Rie Jespersen, and I am a trained hypnotherapist and modern day shaman. I also have an academic background as social anthropologist.

Here is an overview of the services I offer:

  • SoulKey hypnosis: Soul journeys with hypnotic regression therapy to past lives and life between lives.
  • Master SoulKey: Soul journeys for those who want to venture even further. Almost anything is possible here: Connect deeper to your soul energy and your true potential. Access information from the Akashic Records and other libraries. Revisit past lives on other planets and in other realms. Have visitors from these places. And much more… Your soul and your spirit guides decide what you will experience.
  • Hypnotherapy: Effective therapy that works with the subconscious to release traumas and change negative patterns.
  • Shamanic sitting: Healing and channelled contact with your spirit guides.
  • Synergy healing: Healing from two healers at the same time = more than double effect. This is done in coorporation with my twin sister Julie Mariel, who is also a trained modern day shaman.

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Practical information

  • Where? Online via Zoom or live at Egå Havvej 21, Egå, Denmark
  • When? Monday-Friday 9-16
  • Booking: or +45 60855119

Videos in English

I sometimes make webinars and videos in English. Here are some examples: